$ ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-purchases@5.0.0
$ npm install @awesome-cordova-plugins/purchases

Plugin Repo: https://github.com/RevenueCat/cordova-plugin-purchases

Purchases is a client for the RevenueCat subscription and purchase tracking system. It is an open source framework that provides a wrapper around BillingClient, StoreKit and the RevenueCat backend to make implementing in-app subscriptions easy - receipt validation and status tracking included!



Server-side receipt validation


Webhooks - enhanced server-to-server communication with events for purchases, renewals, cancellations, and more


Subscription status tracking - know whether a user is subscribed whether they're on iOS, Android or web


Analytics - automatic calculation of metrics like conversion, mrr, and churn



Integrations - over a dozen integrations to easily send purchase data where you need it


Well maintained - frequent releases


Great support - Help Center


Awesome new features


The Cordova plugin is not guaranteed to be up to date and we are moving our efforts to the Capacitor plugin. Please consider using our Capacitor plugin instead of the Cordova plugin and this wrapper.

Getting Started

Please follow the Quickstart Guide for more information on how to use the SDK

Latest changes to this plugin

This latest release updates the plugin to use BillingClient 6 in Android. If you come from an older version of the RevenueCat SDK, see Android Native - 5.x to 6.x Migration for a more thorough explanation of the new Google subscription model announced with BillingClient 5 and how to take advantage of it.

If your app supports product changes using DEFERRED replacement mode, then you can either stick with the previous major version until support for DEFERRED is re-introduced in this major version, or you can remove DEFERRED replacement options from your app.

Supported platforms

  • Android

    • iOS

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